What is PixiDrop?

Who will get my photos?

Who will get my photos?

Who will get my photos?

How do I control who sees my photos?

You have three choices in Settings:

OFF: New photos won't be shared with anyone and you won't receive photos from anyone

Everyone: Your photos are shared with everyone nearby who has PixiDrop and you'll receive photos from everyone nearby

Contacts: Your photos will be shared only with your contacts and you'll receive photos only from your contacts. FotoDrop uses phone numbers to determine who is in your contacts. So your contacts also have to be logged in and their phone numbers have to be in your address book.

How do I change my display name?

Choose "Change my name" from the Settings menu

What if I receive an inappropriate photo?

Does PixiDrop use facial recognition?


How does blocking work?

To block someone click the three-dot menu next to a photo they have shared. Then select Block ✋

Can someone see if I've blocked them?

No. But when they share a new photo you won't be listed as recipient so they might figure it out.

Does PixiDrop share my data with advertisers or other entities?

Why would I use PixiDrop? I can already share photos!